Diesel Locomotive Services

Class I railroads. Leasing companies. Short line railroads. Tourist operations. FMW offers significant experience in hands on diesel-electric locomotive diagnostics, repair, and maintenance. Keeping locomotives in top condition is key to ensuring reliability of service and maintaining reasonable operating expenses. The following headings provide a bit more detail on the expert diesel locomotive services FMW provides its clients.



Whether you are looking to acquire or lease a used diesel-electric locomotive, or you are interested in undertaking an internal audit of your own fleet, FMW can provide prompt, detailed, and accurate inspection services. Our expert diesel mechanics are experienced in EMD and GE locomotives of all ages and models. 

Repair Services

With nearly 20 years' experience working in a Class I diesel shop, our experts have seen nearly everything. We are well versed in all manner of diesel-electric locomotive maintenance, and can offer your enterprise guidance and/or repair services regarding the following:

  • Power assembly changeout;
  • Turbo changeout;
  • Gear trains repair;
  • Lubrication system repair;
  • Main generator replacement;
  • Air compressor maintenance and replacement;
  • Aux generator maintenance and replacement;
  • Traction motor changeouts;
  • Air brake systems; and
  • Other primary and secondary locomotive systems.


Sometimes locomotives act up. They are the work horses of your enterprise, and even with the best maintenance, things can go awry. FMW is available to provide independent, objective on-site diagnostic services to railroads, leasing companies, short lines, and tourist operations. EMD, GE, old or new, we can handle it!

Component Overhaul

FMW has undertaken the overhaul of key locomotive mechanical components, including: all portions of locomotive trucks; prime movers; air brake systems; and other primary components on locomotives. We are familiar with multiple models of locomotives, including those from the following major categories:

  • GE Dash 7 Locomotives;
  • GE Dash 8 Locomotives;
  • GE Dash 9 Locomotives;
  • GE GEVO Line and Tier IV Locomotives (AC/DC);
  • EMD GP Locomotives (GP7, GP9, GP38, GP40, GP50, GP59, GP60, Dash 1 and Dash 2);
  • EMD SD Locomotives (SD40, SD50, SD60, SD70MAC, SD80, SD90-43, AC/DC, Dash 1, Dash 2, Dash 3);
  • "Tourist" Locomotives (E8, GP7, GP30, GP38, ALCo, Etc.); and 
  • GE Industrial Locomotives (44 - 110 Ton).

How can we be of service to you?

Specialty services are our expertise, and we want to find a way to provide you solutions to your mechanical needs. We are happy to work alongside your existing shop forces to troubleshoot issues and/or work to remedy concerns already identified. We are also prepared to undertake standalone repair services using our own forces, providing for you peace of mind regarding the return to service of your motive power assets. Want to learn more?