Innovative Solutions in Railway Mechanical Services


FMW Solutions LLC (FMW) was organized in 2016 to provide innovative solutions to clients in need of rail industry mechanical services. The three principals of FMW offer more than 50 years of experience in the field of railroad mechanical service, engineering design, and strategic planning. This expertise spans a diverse body of work including Class I railroad diesel-electric locomotive repair, short line diesel-electric locomotive inspection and repair, total steam locomotive overhaul, and railroad mechanical equipment consulting.

Above all else, FMW Solutions prides itself in providing the utmost in railway professional services to its clients. Through our dedication to professionalism and transparency, we provide our clients with peace of mind that work will be accomplished on time and as described. Thanks to our expansive network of collaborative machine shops, fabrication outfits, and engineering firms, we can assemble a team sufficient to tackle nearly any specialty mechanical project, large or small. 


A National Presence 

FMW is headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, and has offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. In addition, we have access to two complete fabrication and machine shop facilities, one each in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Watervliet, New York. Find out more about our fabrication capabilities here



FMW Solutions LLC is also the parent organization to the National Rail Consulting Group, a railroad consulting firm that provides management consulting and professional services specific to the rail sector. The NRCG Team consists of former railroad, agency, and industry leaders, each of whom bring a unique perspective to rail-related projects. Each of these experts has a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for seeing it continue to prosper.

NRCG provides its clients with a variety of rail-related services, including:

  • Rail finance and due diligence services

  • Operations planning and training

  • Legal and regulatory support

  • Passenger rail planning

  • Short line freight rail support service

  • Engineering and maintenance-of-way related services

  • Equipment inspection and maintenance planning

  • Railroad strategic planning

  • Rail market analysis

  • State and local government support services