Bellevue Caboose Relocation


FMW was retained to manage the relocation of Louisville & Nashville Railroad caboose No. 136, the namesake railcar of Bellevue’s “Red Caboose Park.” As part of an ongoing, master plan revision, Metropolitan Nashville Parks sought to relocate the caboose onto a new, concrete pad.


FMW’s work began with supplying sufficient lengths of rail to form the support structure for the caboose at its new location. Once delivered and installed by FMW, final attention was paid to finalizing the move planning.

On the morning of March 12, FMW worked with two local heavy rigging and transport companies to lift the caboose onto a heavy duty trailer. The caboose was then posed for a brief news conference, before being transported across the park and placed onto its final resting place in the new pavilion.

FMW was honored to oversee such an intricate portion of this project, and it was our pleasure to see that this work was completed on-time and under budget.